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cara.billington started this conversation
I was born and raised here in Oklahoma. I grew up out on my farm almost up in Guthrie. But times have turned to the worst for my family. I am 18 . Almost 19 . I got dragged behind in my education in able to help drive my parents to work and brother to school because we have one car. After months. Things changed. My family and I began to take a turn for the worse. My mother telling my to jump out of the car and kill myself and having the cops have to come out to our home. After that I left. I am now living with my fiance in an apartment. We have no car. We both do have jobs. But it will be too late to save enough money for a car in time to finish with my education and getting things in my life taken care of. I do not want to come off as a bum asking other people for supplies. But I am In desperate need, the stress causes me so man anxiety and panic attacks because I don't know how I'm going to make it through. Anything that could help, I'm praying comes into our lifes .
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AleackmSC   in reply to cara.billington
Well your on the right path and I will add you to my prayers list, the Lord make's things possible we have to wait with open eye's and heart to receive his blessings when he's ready to provide it. Also Google " cars for the needy in....(your area) you might stumble upon something.
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cara.billington   in reply to AleackmSC
Thank you. I appreciate it. My family and I have gone through counseling before. I have just came to a time in my life where I decided to move out and be on my own. I am just needing a car. That's all I'm focused on at the moment. And I pray everyday and know god will deliver and help in many ways. I don't expect handouts with money just hope for help on getting that you know? And getting a car as soon as I can before its too late
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What is it your needing... After you went through what happened with your mom were you given any information on places that counsel and help people who have or had been involved in"domestic violence" situations?? We have TESSA here in my state, and also pray.. Pray real hard not only for you but for your Mom so she can get better(I don't know the whole story) the Lord doesn't hand out money but he will provide the strength and the path you need to be on to make the money you need.. Please tell me if there's anything you need to talk about, God bless
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